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Got Rhythm?


August 12, 2015

Got Rhythm? is a fun little micro site made by the people behind Concert Hotels and has been doing the rounds on social media recently.

The premise is this: you listen to a bass drum thumping at a steady 120 beats per minute. You join in by clicking your mouse or hitting your keyboard at the same tempo. Then, after a few seconds, the drum track fades to silence leaving you to maintain the tempo by yourself for another 20 beats.

The app calculates how many milliseconds your tap is away from when the true beat should have been and the closer you are, the higher your score - 50 points if you're spot on. At the end, it shows the results on a graph like the one at the top of this page and you're presented with a score out of 1000.

If you were really good, all the white circles would be very close to the central white line. As you can see, mine were slightly hit and miss, but a score of 909 isn't too shabby.